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Folt Bolt – Elena Kotliarker

I am proud to be featured on the amazing website Folt Bolt – The Colourful Art Palette.

Follow the link to read the full original article on Folt Bolt:

The Sabbath Queen

My name is Elena Kotliarker, I am a painter.

I was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. In 1996, we moved to Israel, where we are living today.

I create my artworks with acrylic paints on canvas surfaces.

From time to time I experiment with digital art.

I dreamed of being a painter from my early childhood. I was very lucky that my parents have always supported my ambitions. So, from a very young age, I began to learn the art of painting.

I was trained and taught at the Spiritual Art Academy of Kiev in 1993.

I am very grateful to my first teacher and friend Olga Bebco for all her patience and love.

The Fragrance of Night

The source of all my inspiration for my artworks is Israel.

The nature of this small and diverse country, with a history of a few thousand years, a long Jewish heritage, the great wisdom of the people – all these factors serve as an inexhaustible and endless source of inspiration.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in art career is do not be afraid to experiment.

There is no guarantee that every piece of art is a success, but failure has its hidden secrets for future success. Artist have try working in a few directions, concurrently. You never know where you will meet significant success.

Follow the link to read the full original article on Folt Bolt:

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