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The Splash of Life series is back. Meet “Power of Peonies”

Few flowers are quite as universally adored as the peony. Textured, vibrant, delicate, and beautiful: this stunning perennial is an icon in its own right. In my new painting, Power of Peonies, I wanted to celebrate this evocative and uplifting flower that is impossible not to love.  When creating this piece, I questioned what makes […]

Contemporary abstract painting

Pixelization series. Continuation

I have fondly worked into this artwork, putting in color and texture, shadow and light. I’ve utilized pallet brushes, knives, as well as scratching objects. This piece is very special to me as it was while painting this. I understood existence in my moment of self-isolation. The realization came that I am here to provide […]

Contemporary abstract painting

Pardes series #5

A painting of a red rose. What matters to me in a painting is feeling. What do I mean by the word feeling? They are mysterious, elusive, and insubstantial. The close-up view enables one to see the delicate petals of this flowers’ blossom, which totally fills the canvas. The small size of the canvas makes […]

Pardes series #4. Native

The latest installation in my Pardes series is Native. It celebrates culture, life, and history, peppered with hidden messages and imagery.This painting is a parade of life in full color. When I hear the word native, I think of strong bonds and ties to two worlds: the earthly and the spiritual. I wanted this piece […]

My first hand-painted NFT collections

The NFT industry is changing the face of modern art collecting. Artists from all backgrounds are releasing their work on digital marketplaces and crypto blockchains, bringing in a new wave of creativity and originality.My latest project is a series of hand-painted artworks to be released as an NFT collection. Each token represents a fragment of […]

Contemporary abstract painting

The Beauty Behind the Wings

With the use of birds, flowers, and angel wings combined with soft blues, pinks, purples, and subtle hints of green, this Angel Wings piece is about blending the beauty of art and soul. This specific art piece emphasizes the mystery of angel wings. As a symbol of spirituality, love, and protection, I had to bring […]

This particular piece highlights the Zodiac sign Pisces

My Princes of Zodiac collection is all about blending the magic of Fairytales and the mysticism of star signs. This particular piece highlights the Zodiac sign, Pisces. As the last sign in the Zodiac table and the final water symbol, it has always held a special place in my imagination.   My use of bright, ethereal […]

Pixelization series. Beginning

As an artist, looking and seeing, and feeling as much detail as the world offers is one of the great joys of my life. Sadly, I fear this joy is not shared by much of the world- the lost generations who see everything through pixelated displays. That same sadness reflects in my new series, Pixelization.  […]

First painting of my new “Princes of Zodiac” series. Meet Prince Capricorn

Art is ageless. It does not matter whether you are a new member of the world or you have been on many journeys around the sun: there is something about art that never stops speaking to us. I remember being a child listening to fairytales and falling in love with the images in the books […]

Original Jewish art painting of Elena Kotliarker - best gift from Israel

New painting of “Eternal Letters” series

Jewish tradition is steeped in history and symbolism. In fact, the Hebrew language is an ancient art form in and of itself. My Eternal Letter series highlights and glorifies this culture-rich dialect and the powerful role it has played over the years.  The latest piece of modern figurative abstract art in my collection features bold […]

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