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First painting of my new “Princes of Zodiac” series. Meet Prince Capricorn

Art is ageless. It does not matter whether you are a new member of the world or you have been on many journeys around the sun: there is something about art that never stops speaking to us. I remember being a child listening to fairytales and falling in love with the images in the books […]

Original Jewish art painting of Elena Kotliarker - best gift from Israel

New painting of “Eternal Letters” series

Jewish tradition is steeped in history and symbolism. In fact, the Hebrew language is an ancient art form in and of itself. My Eternal Letter series highlights and glorifies this culture-rich dialect and the powerful role it has played over the years.  The latest piece of modern figurative abstract art in my collection features bold […]

New painting of “Heritage” series. Lion of Judah

The merging of bold artwork and Jewish heritage is something that holds great importance to me as an artist. In my latest painting, Lion of Judah, I have brought in elements to represent the tribes of Israel and the beauty of the Jewish heritage. This huge figurative painting centers around the walls of Jerusalem and […]

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