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Luxury fashion is a combination of premium materials and exquisite design. Owning a unique, designer-made item can help a person feel great about themselves and express their personality. My new collection of original, hand-painted Genuine Mulberry Silk scarves and shawls is a stunning example of how clothing can aid and encourage individual expression.

Mulberry Silk Luxury Women Scarf Shawl

Each item is unique, following the style of my paintings and adapting the work for the luxury fashion market. As an artist, originality is of the utmost importance in everything I do, and that carries through to the things I wear. Why choose the same computer-made, factory-printed cut and paste designs we see every day when you could dazzle in a remarkable and intricate designer-made fabric?

These Genuine Mulberry Silk scarves and shawls are timeless and ageless. Anyone with a free spirit and an eye for style can adapt these pieces to their wardrobe for all occasions. Because of the intricate hand-painted designs and the bold vibrant colors used, they can become a statement piece that transforms any ensemble. 

Art and luxury fashion go hand in hand. Textiles are just an alternative canvas for expression, so they should be every bit as emotive as the works we hang on our walls. Because this collection is based on my signature style, I like to think of them as wearable paintings. They are an extension of my work that I am proud and excited to share. 

Something particularly fashionable for anyone with a love for art and individuality is to carry your personality throughout your artistic choices. What I mean by that is to replicate your home design decisions in the fabrics you wear. Coordination and having a clear sense of personal image is something we see every day in high fashion and design. People who want to truly express who they are have a theme that can be found in all elements of their style choices. Owning a stunning handcrafted silk shawl by the same artist whose work hangs on the walls of your home is the perfect way to achieve this. 

The way we accessorize says a lot about who we are as people and how we want the world to see us. Do we want to be a copy and paste of a computer-generated design in a digitally operated world, or do we want to be bright and bold individuals who value creativity, unique expression, and originality?

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