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Modern Jewish art by Elena Kotliarker

My new triptych composition “The tales of one thousand and one nights”. Left panel

The left panel, which I am presenting today, is an exceptionally vibrant and emotive piece of art. Everything from the subtle, ethereal figures to the bold use of primary colors gives the painting an almost child-like feeling that has the power to transport you back in time.

Modern Jewish art

One of the first things that stand out in this work is the intricate use of color to highlight some intelligently placed classic ancient Arabic folklore imagery and hints to the Jewish religion. The most notable example is the bold red pomegranate as the central focus – a fruit with ample meaning in these cultures. Pomegranates feature heavily in Jewish mythology and Arabic lore as both a sacred fruit and a symbol of blessing. It is only right that it has such an important place in the left panel of this triptych.

Modern Jewish art

Highlights of yellow draw the eye to various iconic creatures from many Eastern fairytales, including the joyful peacock and sacred deer. Additionally, what appears to be the tree of life shines in the middle of this painting, referencing ancient religious tales that often merge seamlessly with folklore. 

Modern Jewish art

Swirling blue around the edges of this panel provokes images of the ocean – something that is of unrivaled importance in Jewish history. Finally, the figure of a woman extends towards the top corner. Who she is to you may depend on which of the one thousand and one night’s tales you love the most.

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