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Elena Kotliarker

The continuation of my “Pure Abstract” series

Just as with most modern abstract art, this figurative painting calls about conflicting images and emotions at first glance. My initial feeling while creating this piece was that of childlike faith and the need for protection from the realities of the world.

Contemporary abstract painting fragment

The image that stood out is the wreath of what appears to be angel wings surrounding the central images in the painting. Bold flashes off gold offset beautifully against streaks of deep royal blue, creating the feeling of light against dark, good against evil, and even life against death.

Adding to this feeling of opposition are the two flowers positioned almost central in the frame. One is surrounded by a blue so dark it almost feels black, and the burnt orange tones of the closed petals give it a withering look. In stark contrast, the baby pink flower blooming and opening in the center represented, for me, new beginnings and life.

Contemporary abstract painting fragment

I think there is something very emotional about this artwork. The visual fight between the ethereal, wispy whites and golds and the heavy trails of inky blue represent something far deeper, in my eyes. I wanted the spiritual protector wrapping around the innocence of the newly bloomed rose protected it from the darkness that tries to approach.

I’ve embedded the Hebrew words to the bottom of the painting to add an interesting element of texture to the overall piece, as do the swirls of vibrant gold that stands out throughout the piece. The angelic portions of the painting have a much stronger texture than the deep blues, which again could be to represent the power of the spirit.

As a decorative piece, this painting would fit seamlessly into any classic modern interior design aesthetic. With all its subtlety in the use of color, form, and texture, this stunning and emotive piece of art manages to be very powerful and is sure to be a central focus in any room. 

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