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Contemporary abstract painting

The Purity series. Beginning

In my life as an artist, I have always used bright, bold colors in my works to express emotions- but it has long since fascinated me how white can be even more powerful when used creatively.
My latest series, Purity, explores this idea, and my Seven Shades of White project is the greatest example.

This image is a part of Purity series paintings of Elena Kotliarker

The shades of white

A lack of color does not mean a lack of depth- as I hope this piece proves. Layering varied tones of white paint on a plain white background, I built a textured, emotive picture that moves and speaks to the viewer without a single stroke of color. The palette ranges from brilliant white to a deep cream tone- which, when applied on top of each other, create a 3D effect that lifts the images off the canvas.
An ethereal swirl of feathers and flowers creates an angelic pointed wing- imagery of faith, beauty, and purity that hold deep meaning and stir an emotional response. I believe this works even better in an all-white scheme, as it lets the symbolism speak for itself. Furthermore, the shades of white fit perfectly with the message of the artwork.

This image is a part of Purity series paintings of Elena Kotliarker

Modern interior design

I purposely worked the paint strokes in this series painting to create a textured canvas. Movement in static artwork is something I always strive for it helps breathe life into the images I create. In this case, it does more than that- it also makes it relevant to modern interior design and art trends. Even when hung on a white background, this textured canvas stands out as a bold piece of art that holds attention and becomes a statement in any room.

This image is a part of Purity series paintings of Elena Kotliarker


Minimalism is a huge trend right now- an effortlessly chic look that is here to stay. The idea that less is more in terms of color and design is something that challenged me in my Purity series and Seven Shades of White, and I wanted to make something in line with these ideals. The textured canvas is the perfect way to bring art into a minimalistic space without making it feel busy or losing the feel of the room. It proves you don’t need color to create something beautiful. Instead, layered texture subtly adds interest and depth.

Seven Shades of White is a deviation from my usual palette, but it stays true to my work as a textural, symbolism-driven artist. Working on this project has pushed me to discover new realms of color work in keeping with the minimalist trends of the 21st Century.

This image is a part of Purity series paintings of Elena Kotliarker
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