The Whirlwind of Summer. A Surreal Jewish Art Painting
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The Whirlwind of Summer. A Surreal Jewish Art Painting



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At first glance, the painting depicts a piercing blue sky at the top, with a small town visible in the upper left quarter. The town is surrounded by a stone wall, but is not clearly visible due to the sultry haze. However, upon closer inspection, the rest of the painting is a surreal mixture of various Hebrew words, cult symbols and flower petals around a huge flower in the center.

This image is a part of Jewish art series paintings of Elena Kotliarker

The inspiration for this painting came from my love for nature and the beauty of summer. The piercing blue sky represents the clear and bright days of summer, while the town symbolizes the sense of community that comes with the season. The sultry haze adds to the dreamy and surreal atmosphere of summer, where anything is possible.

The use of Hebrew words and cult symbols adds a mysterious and intriguing element to the painting, inviting the viewer to interpret its meaning in their own way. The flower petals around the huge flower in the center represent the abundance and vibrancy of nature during summer.

Overall, “The Whirlwind of Summer” is a celebration of the beauty and mystery of nature during one of the most beloved seasons of the year. It is my hope that this painting will bring joy and inspiration to those who view it, and serve as a reminder of the magic that can be found in everyday life.


Name: The Whirlwind of Summer
Painter: Elena Kotliarker
Wall size: 35″ x 23″ (90 cm x 60 cm)
Original handmade acrylic painting on canvas
Style: Modern, Figurative, Fine Art
Certification of Authenticity in digital form provided
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Canvas. Pastel chalks, acrylic on the sand texture finished with relief paints and lacquer stains.

The frame is for illustration only. This painting is shipped READY to HANG.

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