Prince of Zodiac Capricorn. Original Fantasy Art Colorful Print



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It is easy to dismiss art for children, not believing they can fully appreciate it. I suggest that perhaps they appreciate more than most, and it is us as adults who cannot see what they see. The use of fairytale images and even symbols from the zodiac or real-world cultures can stir an early interest in the world in impressionable minds, opening up a whole new level for their not-yet-limited imaginations and beliefs to roam to.

About the hidden symbols in this artwork:

  • The numbers 3, 5, 7, 8 will bring good luck to Capricorns.
  • Since we are talking about the children of the Earth, the Capricorns are favored by the whole natural terracotta range: from sandy yellow to black, the color of fertile black soil.
  • Capricorns are pronounced careerists. The ladder will help them relentlessly climb up without painful falls.
  • Most Capricorns cannot be called disinterested – the financial component of life is extremely important for them. And you can attract wealth to your side with the help of souvenir coins. Coins found in treasures or simply lying in the ground for some times are especially good for Capricorns. Money Tree – Crassula is a fairly common indoor plant with a thick trunk and fleshy petals. Given tree is able to fill the house of Capricorn with wealth.
  • Turtle. A significant and slow, but surprisingly stubborn reptile will help to Capricorns methodically move towards their goal, avoiding unnecessary fuss.



  • Name: The Princes of Zodiac series. Capricorn
  • Painter: Elena Kotliarker
  • Wall size: VARY
  • 30 Days full money refund accepted


Highest quality giclee print on canvas.
Canvas density: 410 gram/square meter.
Printed on HP Indigo environment with only original HP paints


This canvas print is shipped rolled and UNSTRETCHED. You will need to have it stretched at a framer in your area before it will be ready to hang.
I would like to recommend you to verify the cost of canvas stretching before purchasing an artwork. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for recommendations if you need.
Declared size is AFTER stretching.
The edges are enough for 2″-2.5″ gallery wrapping.
The perception of colors depends on the monitor and can be vary. Photo not always can bring you all riches and abundance of colors.
Frame is for illustration only!


On the back side


I’m using only express expedited shipping through FedEx.
There is no shipping on Friday and Saturday
Approx. delivery time (not including possible Customs delay):
USA 3-5 business days
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Europa 3-5 business days
South America 5-8 business days

Thank you for supporting ORIGINAL art.

Title: The Princes of Zodiac series. Capricorn
Painter: Elena Kotliarker
Wall size: Vary
Style: Modern, Portrait, Fairytale

Canvas, acrylic, gold tulip paints




Additional information

Weight 4 lbs

50×33 inches, 74×50 inches


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