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Fateful Holidays. Passover

As an artist who has created a four painting composition titled “Fateful Holidays,” I am excited to share with you a single painting from this composition, dedicated to the Jewish holiday of Passover. This particular painting is a visual representation of the rich symbolism and meaning behind Passover, combining historical and spiritual elements to create […]

Fateful Holidays. Four panels composition

The Idea As an artist who has created a four painting composition titled “Fateful Holidays,” I am excited to share with you the overarching idea behind this collection of artwork. Each painting in this collection represents a different Jewish holiday and combines natural elements with traditional Jewish symbols to create a cohesive representation of each […]

The Spirit of Jerusalem

Jewish art is a particular passion of mine, as it connects with a deeper part of me as an artist and human being. My work, Spirit of Jerusalem, is a celebration of Jewish heritage and history through an explosion of color, imagery, and symbolism that stir emotions and dormant spirituality.   Representing what the Jewish […]

The Fairytales of Chagall

A New Perspective on Old Paintings As an artist, I am always looking for new ways to explore my creativity and develop my artistic style. Recently, I had an idea to create digital collages from the photo fragments of my old paintings. This idea sparked a renewed sense of excitement and curiosity in me, and […]

The Angel Wings among the Flowers

The Inspiration Behind My Latest Work As an artist, I am constantly inspired by the beauty and mystery of the natural world. My latest work, a wide format original mixed media artwork, is a reflection of this inspiration. The artwork depicts a pair of white angel wings rendered across the entire surface of the mocha-colored […]

Contemporary abstract painting

The Purity series. Beginning

In my life as an artist, I have always used bright, bold colors in my works to express emotions- but it has long since fascinated me how white can be even more powerful when used creatively.My latest series, Purity, explores this idea, and my Seven Shades of White project is the greatest example. The shades […]

The Angel Wings. Duality of Truth

Angels have featured prominently in art for centuries in many forms. This piece in my Angel Wings series- entitled Duality of Truth- I have my own take on the ethereal beings in line with Jewish mysticism. Angels. Who are they? It is not the classic approach to angels in art – but rather a symbolic […]

My Palette

New series of small abstract paintings In the world of art, most people only ever see the final product: the finished work perfected and shared by the artist for all to enjoy. The painter, however, sees the entire development and creation process and experiences the journey the art takes to reach its final state. Part […]

Chagall style artwork of Elena Kotliarker

Princes of Zodiac series. Gemini

The third and latest painting in my Princes of Zodiac series focuses on one of the most playful and curious of the star signs: Gemini. The Zodiac sign Gemini is best known for its representation of twins – which is what I chose to use as the central inspiration for this piece. Influence of Marc […]

The Elegy of Three Suns

Modern Israeli Art Modern Israeli art has the freedom to take the historical, spiritual, and symbolic elements of faith and blur them to create a visual reflection of what they mean to us. This was my goal in my latest work, The Elegy of Three Suns.  It is a piece I find very moving and […]

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