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Meet my new version of “Praise Him With The Tambourine And Dance” painting

Psalm 150 is the conclusion of the book of Psalms in the Holy Bible, where the Psalmist places great emphasis on praising God. The Psalm is an adequate summary of the entire book and what it calls us to do. Praise Him with the Tambourine and Dance is an addition to Jewish Art that offers a […]

Meet my new painting of “Life Totem” series – The Eagle

Numerous cultures view the eagle as the king of all birds, and some still believe in the power of its spirit animal. The eagles commonly symbolize many things, including loyalty, freedom, truth, hope, fortune, and the divine. In Feng Shui, the eagle is both a symbol of success and good luck. People use it to […]

The Difference You Feel When Looking at Modern Abstracts vs. Vintage Illustrations

It seems that everyone is looking for artwork now. These works are often found as paintings, but they can also include posters and various other pieces. Whether you want one for your home or as a housewarming present for a friend, finding affordable art is crucial. Still, you want to give or have something that […]

Meet my new painting of “Life Totem” series – Timberwolf

The wolf is one of the most prominent animals throughout the world. Everyone knows that it is strong, reliable, and loyal to its pack. That is one of the reasons you see paintings depicting wolves throughout successful business properties.This painting focuses on the animalistic quality that you need to own a successful business. Whether you […]

Why to use the Symbols of Ancient Mythologies

The aura of an office or home space can depend on the decorations that hang on the walls. A painting with a strong message has the power to grab someone’s attention and make them think. This is why symbols of ancient mythologies can be a good decoration. These types of paintings hold meaning much deeper […]

Meet my new painting “The Eternal Letters”

My piece, “Eternal letters” is rooted in ancient times and the age-old and iconic Hebrew alphabet. It is regarded as one of the most treasured alphabets of a human civilization passed from generation to generation, which has kept it alive in stunning fashion.I believe that the language’s ability to withstand the test of time makes […]

Zodiac Fantasy Fairy Art – The Different Fairies and Their Meanings

Zodiac fantasy fairy art is a fun and exciting thing for children and adults. There are a total of 12 Zodiac fairies: the Fish, Water-Bearer, Mountain Goat, Centaur, Scorpion, Scales, Maiden, Lion, Crab, Twins, Bull, and Ram. Today, you’re going to learn a bit of history about each of the signs. However, we also talk […]

Colorful Abstract Art

What Is Abstract Art? People can use art to express their emotions, thoughts, and even to decorate places, but there are several ways to do that. One of the most common forms of art is abstract art, which shows a unique sense of beauty. Abstract art uses all kinds of colors, shapes, and forms to […]

Meet my new painting “The Light of Kotel”

My painting shows off the Kotel of the spiritual capital of the world, depicting people of faith gathering around the menorah in ancient times to worship and find fellowship together. They honored their Jewish heritage at the Second Temple in Jerusalem, and my painting strives to capture that light that we find in everyone. The […]

The Blossoming

I glad to introduce a next painting of Angel Wings series. “The Blossoming” is part of the Angel Wings series, and my goal was to create contemporary art with an abstract feeling. I focused on having a bright background so that it drew the eyes and became a conversation starter. Though it wasn’t my intention, […]

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