My little fairy Penelope

The name Penelope is possibly derived from Greek πηνελοψ (penelops), a type of duck. Alternatively it could be from πηνη (pene) "threads, weft" and ωψ (ops) "face, eye". In Homer's epic the 'Odyssey' this is the name of the wife of Odysseus, forced to fend off suitors while her husband is away fighting at Troy. It has occasionally been used as an English given name since the 16th century.
This painting is created under the influence of the book tells of a Mexican icons painting style.

* Name: My Little Fairy Penelope
* Painter: Elena Kotliarker
* Wall size: 35" x 12" (90 X 30 cm)
* Original handmade acrylic painting on canvas
* Style: Modern, Pop Art, Mexican Icon
* Certification of Authenticity in digital form provided
* Express shipping 3-4 days worldwide

Canvas. Pastel chalks, acrylic on the sand texture and finished with relief paint.

This painting is STRETCHED. The declared size is after stretching.