Zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini

Sold to Muskegon, MI USA

Pastel chalks,oil and acrylic on the sand texture,varnish.Finished with relief paint.
The artwork made in palette knife technique
The declared size is after stretching.

This is one part of the four paintings project "Zodiac signs".
Each painting could have been represented separately, but the idea was to create a wider continuous composition, where one part overlaps with the next part.
Finally, the whole composition is extremely large, about 108” by 44”. One possible approach is to hang each painting separately on the four walls in the same room.
I would prefer and would be very pleased if the full composition (4 paintings) would be purchased by a single buyer. Although, I clearly understand that the purchase of more than one painting would be a considerable expense to most buyers.

So I would like to extend the following discounts:
- For the buyer who purchases more than two pieces – the shipping will be free, via the express
expedited shipping, which costs about 60$.
- For the buyer who purchases all four paintings at one time - a special extra discount of 200$ will be given. Also the payment can be made in 3 installments.

I believe that this can be one of the best gifts an art lover can make for himself on the New Year day.
If you have any questions regarding any issue, please do not hesitate to contact me.