The Sea Master

This artwork is a tribute brought to Judaic art through fascinating symbols that the watcher will discover at every glance and that will bring him luck and good fortune.<br /> <br /> <br /> MEDIA:<br /> Canvas stretched on 1.5” wood bars frame, volume gel, acrylic, varnish. <br /> <br /> ITEM CONDITION:<br /> Gallery wrapped. Ready to hang. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> SIGNATURE: <br /> On both sides of artwork.<br /> <br /> HANDLING & SHIPPING INFORMATION:<br /> I'm using only express expedited shipping trough EMS.<br /> There is no shipping at Friday and Saturday<br /> Approx delivery time (not including possible Customs delay):<br /> USA 3-5 business days<br /> Canada 4-6 business days<br /> Europa 3-5 business days<br /> South America 5-8 business days<br /> <br /> <br /> The Hebrew words, are written on the picture - the wishes of Success, Luck, Happiness, Love, Fruitfulness and Health<br /> Intervening with the rich colors and most hypnotizing forms are the words of blessing and the Jewish traditional symbols that protect you:<br /> A pair of birds – for love and harmony, Pomegranates – for joy and fruitfulness, 5 fishes and Hamsa that will protect you from evil eye…<br /> Bring a piece of this magic and light into your home or to the people you care for.<br />