The King Bird

Judaic art at its best can only be noticed in the most spectacular and enchanting stories of success, glory and strength. The King Bird rules upon its realm as this painting will dominate your ambiance.<br /> <br /> MEDIA:<br /> Canvas stretched on 1.5” wood bars frame, volume gel, acrylic, varnish. <br /> <br /> ITEM CONDITION:<br /> Gallery wrapped. Ready to hang. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> SIGNATURE: <br /> On both sides of artwork.<br /> <br /> HANDLING & SHIPPING INFORMATION:<br /> I'm using only express expedited shipping trough EMS.<br /> There is no shipping at Friday and Saturday<br /> Approx delivery time (not including possible Customs delay):<br /> USA 3-5 business days<br /> Canada 4-6 business days<br /> Europa 3-5 business days<br /> South America 5-8 business days<br /> <br /> <br /> The Hebrew words, are written on the picture - the wishes of Success, Luck, Happiness, Love, Fruitfulness and Health<br /> Intervening with the rich colors and most hypnotizing forms are the words of blessing and the Jewish traditional symbols that protect you:<br /> A pair of birds – for love and harmony, Pomegranates – for joy and fruitfulness, 5 fishes and Hamsa that will protect you from evil eye…<br /> Bring a piece of this magic and light into your home or to the people you care for.<br />