The tree of desires

While the law of karma cannot be discounted, you are doubtlessly a product of your own desires. Your desires prompt you to take action or tread a certain path. Before you can know the nature of your desires, you ought to understand the nature of your mind.
When a desire is fulfilled, it gives you temporary joy & pleasure. The outcome is as ethereal and elusive as the desire itself. If desires could be satisfied forever, it would not be fallacious to seek fulfillment. However, when fulfilled, countless more spring up. Once you understand the nature of desires, they stop bothering you

* Name: The tree of desires
* Painter: Elena Kotliarker
* Wall size: 28" x 28" (70 X 70 cm).
* Original handmade acrylic painting on canvas
* Style: Modern, Abstract, Mediterranean
* Certification of Authenticity in digital form provided
* Express shipping 3-4 days worldwide

Canvas. Pastel chalks, acrylic on the sand texture and finished with relief paint.

This painting is shipped rolled and UNSTRETCHED. You will need to have it stretched at a framer in your area before it will be ready to hang. The declared size is after stretching.