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Zodiac Fantasy Fairy Art – The Different Fairies and Their Meanings

Zodiac fantasy fairy art is a fun and exciting thing for children and adults. There are a total of 12 Zodiac fairies: the Fish, Water-Bearer, Mountain Goat, Centaur, Scorpion, Scales, Maiden, Lion, Crab, Twins, Bull, and Ram.

Today, you’re going to learn a bit of history about each of the signs. However, we also talk about the different Zodiac fantasy fairy art options to get better acquainted with them. Let’s get started to see why you want them for your child’s room.

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Aries Fairy (Ram)

The Aries Fairy is the first of the Zodiac fairies. It’s the first astrological zodiac sign, and you may know it as the Ram.

The gorgeous Zodiac fantasy fairy art depicting the Ram shows the beauty and color of the sign. The young girl has amazing hair with various flowers around as a border. Hidden in the painting, you can see the Ram sign and the depiction of the Ram itself. Hearts and swirls also surround it to show how kind and caring this sign is.

Check my Aries fantasy art

Taurus Fairy (Bull)

With 12 Zodiac fairies, the Taurus, or Bull, one is next. Taurus is the second sign within the Zodiac and spans the 30- to 60-degree mark. It focuses on the Earth element with a feminine polarity, but it also offers fixed modality and quality.

The depiction of the fairy focuses on a beautiful young woman with intricate features. She holds a gorgeous flower with the bull right beside her to show that he is always there. There are also plenty of flowers and nature features throughout to show that this is the Earth element.

Check my Taurus fairy art 

Gemini Fairy (Twins)

The Gemini, or Twins, sign focuses on the Gemini constellation. It’s represented by Pollux and Castor, called Dioscuri in the Greek mythology. This is a mutable and positive sign, which is associated with the masculine polarity.

This Zodiac fantasy fairy art style shows two young girls, and while they are twins, they look different for the various characteristics the sign holds. You can see the Gemini sign within, but there are also butterflies, sunflowers, and hearts all around. Be amazed at the big-eyed girls you see before you.

Check my Gemini fairy art

Cancer Fairy (Crab)

Cancer is yet another of the Zodiac fairies called the Crab. It’s the fourth Zodiac sign, and it’s considered the cardinal sign for the water trigon. Though it’s a negative sign, the ruling planet is its moon. There are sometimes other depictions, such as a crayfish or lobster, but most people associate it with the Crab.

You can see the green-eyed girl in the Zodiac fantasy fairy art painting, who is surrounded by various things. The moon, a tree, and beautiful flowers are all around.

Check my original zodiac fairy cancer painting

Leo Fairy (Lion)

The Leo’s fairy is the Lion, and this fifth Zodiac sign focuses on fire with a fixed modality. The Lion is a prominent and important symbol focused on royalty and power.

You can see in the painting that this girl looks off into the distance and seems mesmerized by something. She holds the Lion, seemingly as a protective measure, intertwining the two and bringing them together. With touches of flowers and butterflies, this is a perfect piece of art for any room of the house.

Check my Leo – The Fairies of Zodiac

Virgo Fairy (Maiden)

Virgo’s fairy is the Maiden, and it’s the sixth Zodiac sign. This symbol focuses on Astraea because she was the last immortal woman to abandon Earth during the Silver Age as the gods all fled to Olympus.

The painting focuses on the original fairy and is an ode to the grace and peace of a Virgo’s soul. It focuses on elegance, a love of nature, and justice to inspire serenity in all things.

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Libra Fairy (Scales)

Of the Zodiac fairies, the Libra (Scales) fairy may be perfect. The scales symbol is based on Themis and the Scales of Justice. She is an inspiration for Lady Justice and has Venus as the ruling planet.

This Zodiac fantasy fairy art painting shows a gorgeous girl with flowers in her hair and all around her. There’s a majestic quality that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, she holds the scales in front of her with a smile on her face.

Check my Libra – Fantasy Fairy Israeli Art

Scorpio Fairy (Scorpion)

Scorpio is the eighth Zodiac sign and one of three water signs. This is a negative and fixed sign and associates with various animals. However, the Scorpion is the top one.

In the painting of the Scorpion (Scorpio fairy) you see various browns, blacks, maroons, and reds. However, orange and blue are also prevalent to show the differences and sophistication of this sign. It’s a beautiful piece of art to hang in a child’s room and can give many hours of viewing pleasure.

Check my zodiac fairy Scorpio – original fantasy fairy art painting

Sagittarius Fairy (Centaur)

Sagittarius, the ninth Zodiac sign, focuses on the Centaur called Chiron. He mentored Achilles in archery. This half-horse, half-human is a learned healer and forms the bridge between Heaven and Earth. Typically, there is a bow-and-arrow, and the painting offers this.

With many bright colors, you quickly see how the Sagittarius may live their lives differently. They focus on beauty but have a deep soul that must be nourished in every possible way. This painting is going to look amazing in your child’s room.

Check my Sagittarius fairy artwork

Capricornus Fairy (Mountain Goat)

Capricorn is the 10th Zodiac sign and originates from the Capricornus constellation depicting a horned goat. This is a negative and Earth sign and one of the cardinals.

Some believe that there’s a connection between the Sumerian god of waters and wisdom and the sea-goat. Therefore, the painting shows deep blues as a way to honor that. With this, you also see dark colors paired with lighter, airier ones to bring about the perfect “photo” of the Capricornus fairy.

Check my Capricorn fairy artwork

Aquarius Fairy (Water-Bearer)

Aquarius is the 11th Zodiac sign and originates in the Aquarius constellation. This water carrier is sometimes called Ganymede and is a beautiful Phrygian youth. He served as the cupbearer for the gods and has songs written about him.

The Water-Bearer fairy, though, is shown as a girl. You can see the beautiful blues with white to showcase the sign’s natural features. Plus, there are also butterflies and flowers with a key hidden in the depths.

Check my Aquarius fantasy fairy art

Pisces Fairy (Fish)

Pisces is the 12th Zodiac sign and is mutable and negative. It’s often depicted as a fish that aided Aphrodite as she was born from the sea.

Clearly, you can see a lot of blues to show this Zodiac fairy and what she indicates. There are also various butterflies and other nature depictions, while the fairy herself holds the fish’s tail.

Check my Pisces the zodiac fairies


Zodiac fantasy fairy art is a great choice for your child’s room. Give them an idea of where they come from within Greek mythology and let them marvel at the bright, fun colors. With 12 Zodiac fairies, you’re sure to find the one that relates to your child’s astrological sign!

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