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Contemporary abstract painting

The Splash of Life series is continued. Meet “Dance of Herons”

The sight of dancing birds, be it in the air or on the land, is something to behold. From the mating displays of a tiny hummingbird to the life-long courtship rituals of the majestic albatross, there is something inspirational about these incredible creatures. The Dance of Herons, as depicted in my latest piece, is amongst the most regal of all, but what is it that stirs and inspires?

This image is a part of Splash of Life series paintings of Elena Kotliarker

In this small painting, I celebrate one of history’s most revered and respected birds. The heron has symbolized wisdom, determination, luck, and harmony for many cultures over thousands of years, including the ancient Greeks, the Japanese, and the Native Americans. 
I wanted to capture the stoic grace and elegance of this bird, using subtle color and texture to show the solitary figure of the bold and unbending heron in the center of the image. As the world swirls around it, the bird remains steadfast and at peace: something I see as a personal inspiration. 

This image is a part of Splash of Life series paintings of Elena Kotliarker

When creating this piece, I found myself thinking more about how birds and their dances inspire us. Many of the rituals revolve around building life-long bonds and relationships- many of which are secured through dance. My painting features two more herons in the background- one that freely dances in the air while the other looks on in admiration. It shows the other side of the heron: the side that relies on friendship and connections with its peers. 

This image is a part of Splash of Life series paintings of Elena Kotliarker

Perhaps this is why bird dancing is such an inspiring sight: because it reflects so much about ourselves. Human beings can also live in self-reliance and stand in strength against the ever-moving world, but joining together with another can help us evolve and grow. 

The heron can also be a messenger from God. Sending a heron to cross someone’s path is a symbol of luck and prosperity or wishes for long-lasting peace and harmony. This small painting makes a perfect housewarming gift for a person who inspires you or who you hope to inspire, just like the dance of the heron. 

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