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The Splash of Life series is back. Meet “Power of Peonies”

Few flowers are quite as universally adored as the peony. Textured, vibrant, delicate, and beautiful: this stunning perennial is an icon in its own right. In my new painting, Power of Peonies, I wanted to celebrate this evocative and uplifting flower that is impossible not to love. 

This image is a part of Splash of Life series paintings of Elena Kotliarker

Peony flower

When creating this piece, I questioned what makes the peony flower so magnetically lovable. The power of beauty for one cannot be disregarded, as there is certainly no denying there is something quite stunning about the layers of soft petals and the way they seem to reach out to the viewer in a sort of longing embrace. 

This image is a part of Splash of Life series paintings of Elena Kotliarker

Recreating that feeling in paint on canvas was essential in this work. I focused on building texture and creating movement to represent the peony and its pull on me. The color palette is modest and understated, drawing on the delicate nature of these flowers. It seems clear to me that the peony’s luscious pink and red tones are part of the reason I can’t help but fall in love every time I see one. 

Valentine’s bouquets

Of course, love is a central aspect of the peony’s symbolism. It is a staple in valentine’s bouquets worldwide, but to me, it is much more than a flower of romance. Their name comes from the ancient Greek word for healing- a property the Chinese culture has long since believed peonies possessed. They evoke thoughts of new beginnings, repair, prosperity, and hopefulness: all emotions that stir up love in the human psyche on all points of the spectrum. 

This image is a part of Splash of Life series paintings of Elena Kotliarker

This small painting is a nod to the great peony and all its power. Impossible not to love, and packed full of inspirational thoughts of goodwill, luck, and happiness: it makes an excellent gift to a loved one as a token of appreciation or well-wishes- perhaps as a housewarming gesture. I know my love for peonies is impossible to deny, and I believe its gentle yet vivacious appearance has the same effect on many others. 

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