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Contemporary abstract painting

The next piece of my “Splash of Life” series

Contemporary abstract painting

I chose to give this huge figurative painting a gray background for several reasons. A classic white backing is too clean to represent womanhood or true femininity. Gray is balanced, compromising, and complex, yet it is also wise, sophisticated, and ambiguous. The ‘in-between-ness’ of the gray is the perfect backdrop for what I wanted to say in this painting.

Contemporary abstract painting

Movement and texture were key in the creation of this artwork. Take the flowing river of streaked white and pastel colors that dances through the painting. It curves and bends in a way that is reflective of the female form. Small flecks of dark and light colors run through it, adding a layered texture, representing that female life is not smooth and perfect but beautifully busy and flawed.

Contemporary abstract painting

Splashed across the center are five lilies. The lily symbolizes many things. To me, lilies represent everything that makes women so powerful. Mystery, honor, beauty, warmth, confidence, love, energy, and hope: just some of the symbols that these dancing flowers represent.

Contemporary abstract painting

Fertility and new life were also inspirations for me when creating this artwork. Depending on who views the painting, it could be taken literally, representing the female power to create a new life. However, it is also spiritual, symbolizing the possibility of re-birth and reinvention and the power we have as women to adapt and grow during our own dance through life.

My entire Splash of Life series celebrates human and spiritual life in all its forms. Dance of Flowers is a bold and fluid piece of modern abstract art that speaks to womanhood and femininity in a new light.

From a contemporary interior design perspective, I see this piece in a modern and vibrant home. The muted tones are bright without being overbearing and refreshing without distracting. It is sure to make a powerful and beautiful statement wherever it hangs.

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