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The Difference You Feel When Looking at Modern Abstracts vs. Vintage Illustrations

It seems that everyone is looking for artwork now. These works are often found as paintings, but they can also include posters and various other pieces. Whether you want one for your home or as a housewarming present for a friend, finding affordable art is crucial.

Still, you want to give or have something that has a warm and fuzzy feeling. Soul art is the name we usually give to these types of paintings, but remember, it can also include performance art. When you’re choosing artwork that you can buy, it’s supposed to be a creative expression of your spirit.

Those who want to buy art for others should contemplate who that person is and try to find something that might call to them. Usually, it’s a good idea to take them along with you to an art show or gallery. Get a sense of what gives them the “warm” feeling, and either buy that or something similar.

Why Modern Abstracts Aren’t Where It’s At

Most artists and art sellers over-commercialize modern abstract pieces. They push them because they think that’s what most people want. However, if you ask regular buyers, they say that these paintings are deafened, which means they overstimulate the senses.

They’re often cold, and when you gaze upon them, you don’t experience anything special. You may even feel that the piece isn’t for you or that it belongs in a special museum. While this can be a good thing for some people, it doesn’t call to your soul or help you relax.

Imagine returning home from the office after a long day. You look up at a painting you recently bought, and you feel that it’s impersonal and mass-produced instead of being something solely for you. It’s not a good thing!

Reasons to Pick Vintage Illustrations

Vintage illustrations, such as posters and other decorations, can help you create a beautiful, eccentric, and fun space. While they’re there to decorate your walls, they do much more than that.

In a sense, they warm them and help you create a comforting, welcoming area. Go back to that scene where you come home from work, and it’s been a long day. Glance up at a vintage piece, and you’re transported back in time. You feel warmth, amazement, and have peace in your mind.

Words can’t describe what you feel, but it’s there nonetheless. That’s what soul art is, and it’s the most powerful kind out there. You need it in your life!

All of the above was the reason for me to open another Etsy store where people that looking for a housewarming solution will find a lot of framed posters made from vintage illustrations of 1700s-1900s.
I’ve looked about two months for encyclopedic illustrations, lithographs and blueprint sketches and finally built about 20 different collections like
Sea life
Plants and Herbs
Constellations Maps
Deep Sea Creatures
and much-much more

I invite you to visit my new Etsy shop named “Crazy About Vintage” and look for housewarming solution. I continue to add new items almost each day and hope that you will find there something that you’d like

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