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Contemporary abstract painting

The Beauty Behind the Wings

With the use of birds, flowers, and angel wings combined with soft blues, pinks, purples, and subtle hints of green, this Angel Wings piece is about blending the beauty of art and soul. This specific art piece emphasizes the mystery of angel wings. As a symbol of spirituality, love, and protection, I had to bring this vision to life.

Flowers birds and more…

My use of subtle pink and blue on a slightly brighter blue background with white wings and green strokes help to highlight the virtue associated with angel wings. The addition of flowers and birds add to the purity of the piece as these are also symbols of clarity. We often associate plants and birds with innocence and new life.

Furthermore, the white wings are the focus of this soul art. It was essential for this to be the center of the artwork as they represent new heights, good faith, honor, and guardianship. I think this piece would be ideal for a nursery room as it is delicate and symbolizes the will to do good.

The brush strokes

The piece places a focus on the use of deep textures, which blends swirling strokes and deep lines. I wanted to showcase the feeling of actual wings: hundreds of feathers connected together. Instead of a plain piece of feathered wings, I wanted to bring the feathered feeling to life through the brush strokes.

I believe that this artwork is a sense of new life through the various symbols. The use of light and airy colors is a breath of fresh air and a symbol of hope, which is why I think it is the perfect nursery room addition for young minds.
Angel wings aren’t just any old item. They are breathtaking and transport you to the spiritual realm, which is beyond our comprehension as human beings. It is a gentle reminder of the endless hopes and possibilities that life offers.

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  1. Cody Myers

    Your Art really touches my heart. I LOVE your beautiful style and your use of bright colors which I love. I aspire to be a great artist like you! I just started painting and love it so much! Still trying to find my own unique style.

    1. Thank you. I apologize, I saw your comment only now.

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