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Chagall style artwork of Elena Kotliarker

Princes of Zodiac series. Gemini

The third and latest painting in my Princes of Zodiac series focuses on one of the most playful and curious of the star signs: Gemini. The Zodiac sign Gemini is best known for its representation of twins – which is what I chose to use as the central inspiration for this piece.

This image is a part of Princes of Zodiac series of an abstract art paintings of Elena Kotliarker

Influence of Marc Chagall

In the spirit of Gemini and the versatile, unpredictable duality that comes with it, I chose to move in a new direction with this painting. Although it carries the same ethereal, whimsical feeling of the previous two works, it moves away from fantasy imagery and more towards a Marc Chagall-style abstract dreamscape.

As a passionate follower of Chagall’s work, I am often inspired by his unique blend of modern expressionism and surrealism that brings paintings to life. His bold use of fauvist color is something that I share in my approach to my works, and I wanted to celebrate this style in my third depiction of the Zodiac princes. 

This image is a part of Princes of Zodiac series of an abstract art paintings of Elena Kotliarker

Gemini is the leading air sign

Gemini is the leading air sign, so I chose to have the twin princes flying through a mystic night sky with the constellation dancing behind them. I wanted to keep the sky tone more muted than in my previous works to continue with the dream-like feeling- rather than fantasy. It also served well to offset the almost luminous bottom half of the painting, which, to me, represents a sleeping village on the water’s edge- brightened by the ever-youthful energy and lifting presence of the Gemini. 

My use of color ties closely to the idea of two sides the one coin. Working with deep blue and bright orange- almost complete opposites on the color wheel- to create stark contrast let me build a dynamic backdrop for the princes. Weaving the two together subtly in a way that reminds me of some of my favorite Marc Chagall pieces brings balance- the two halves connected to one another without fail. 

Nursery room décor

Princes of Zodiac – Gemini is the perfect nursery room décor for twins or Gemini babies. The playful colors draw the eye and fill the imagination. This piece seems to glow and radiate a curious but attractive vibe- something that the people who belong to this star sign often emanate. 

Subtle textures and a more played-down sense of fantasy make this latest piece one of my most versatile. I loved bringing the Marc Chagall style that inspires me so heavily into this series- and I look forward to exploring it further. 

This image is a part of Princes of Zodiac series of an abstract art paintings of Elena Kotliarker
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