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Contemporary abstract painting

Pixelization series. Continuation

I have fondly worked into this artwork, putting in color and texture, shadow and light. I’ve utilized pallet brushes, knives, as well as scratching objects. This piece is very special to me as it was while painting this. I understood existence in my moment of self-isolation. The realization came that I am here to provide color to the world, and all of my life, I’ve wanted to make a big colorful, bright painting full of fun, happiness, and, most of all, vibrant energy. It is an ideal piece of bold art for the confident owner.

I create an art piece directly influenced by nature.  I considered this wall art as “alternative truth” and an epoch of fakes. I predominately utilize organic shapes. I like to capture the beauty of mundane objects and places in my art. Different mediums let me show and express other ideas. This rustic wall art is a distortion of reality that will surely complement any room, be it a living room, bedroom, home office, or any style. I made this wall art utilizing high quality and the finest canvas in superior fade-resistant ink.

Add a fussy focal point to any ensemble in your abode with this wall art, providing a boost of rustic beauty without the worry of fading and vanishing. My wall art looks lovely and exceptionally unique side by side. Also, you can hang this wall art in different rooms inside your home to carry a cohesive aesthetic all through your property.

This is a perfect home and office interior décor idea. This will surely bring out the best in your space. This is also considered an ideal gift for friends and loved ones, and for sure, she will admire it for many years. Do you want to enhance the beauty of your home? Consider this art wall. This is perfect for hanging in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, or any space in your home.

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