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Modern Jewish art by Elena Kotliarker

My new triptych composition “The tales of one thousand and one nights”. Middle panel

There are few subjects that lend themselves so well to art as The Tales of One Thousand and One Nights. This triptych is a stunning collection of some of the most iconic figures and images from centuries of Mediterranean folklore. The middle panel is particularly vibrant, using an inventive blend of primary colors and bold motifs to bring the fairy tales to life.

Modern Jewish art by Elena Kotliarker

In the center of the panel, a woman is holding a pomegranate- an image that appears in generations of Jewish art. The use of yellow in the background serves as an almost ethereal halo to highlight the central image, emphasized by the angel above.

Modern Jewish art by Elena Kotliarker

The combination of aqua blues and vibrant greens emanate the earth and sea, and the way they merge creates a fairy tale feeling of the tales of old. Red flashes throughout the panel draw the eye to the flower patterns that weave in and out of the central theme.

Modern Jewish art by Elena Kotliarker

One small detail that appears everywhere in both ancient and modern-day Arabic folklore is the Nazar, more commonly known as “the evil eye.” Although it is a very subtle detail, it is an essential addition to any artwork depicting the culture’s tales and lore.
Throughout the central panel and the entire triptych primary colors are used in their purest form to emote a childlike aura that lends itself perfectly to the fairytale theme. The fact that the artist has stayed true to this color scheme adds to the wonder of the entire thing.

Modern Jewish art by Elena Kotliarker

Lastly, the goldfish that appear in various parts of the painting hint at Jewish art and folklore, referencing various tales and important artworks. The central panel of this triptych does an excellent job of tying together the ancient mythology and iconic cultural imagery of The Tales of One Thousand and One Nights.

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