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My new painting “The Mediterranean Village”

Chagall style artwork of Elena Kotliarker

Israel is a transition zone from Mediterranean woodlands in the north to herbaceous vegetation in the east, shrub-steppes in the Negev Highlands, and restricted vegetation in the southern Negev. In the springtime, you may see shades of green and yellow in the surrounding nature and this is the ambiance that I wanted to capture in my painting.

I tried to capture as much of the nature of Israel through the lots of red pomegranates to capture the strength of the country’s courage, life, health, and religious fervor. My aim was to reproduce the thousands of red pomegranate fruits in Israel that create a beautiful red blanket of nature. 

Fragment original painting by Elena Kotliarker

The golden peacock signifies joy and creativity, with quills from the bird’s feathers symbolizing a writer’s inspiration. A writer can expand a sentence into multiple sentences that make up a beautiful story, similarly a peacock fans out its quills making a vibrant train that encapsulates everyone’s attention.

Some people associate faith with religion, while others associate faith with trusting in something or someone. Faith, in whatever form it takes, motivates people to get back up when they fall. This is best encapsulated by sunflowers, I believe they express a symbol of worship and faithfulness, as in the flower’s faithful dedication to the sun. The golden petals and sun-like appearance of the flower represent spiritual understanding and a worshiper’s commitment to seeking the light of truth.

Fragment original painting by Elena Kotliarker

My artwork should elicit a sense of natural beauty in the viewer. This scenery, like the mix of nature’s elements of water, land, and life, fascinates me. It’s a kaleidoscope of blue, green, yellow undertones, the little fish swimming about, the butterflies fluttering around in the early spring, and the growing pomegranate fruits that continue to fuel my soul. This Jewish art piece would be perfect for someone who enjoys the beauty of nature and all its life to bring.

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