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Meet my new version of “Praise Him With The Tambourine And Dance” painting

Psalm 150 is the conclusion of the book of Psalms in the Holy Bible, where the Psalmist places great emphasis on praising God. The Psalm is an adequate summary of the entire book and what it calls us to do.

Praise Him with the Tambourine and Dance is an addition to Jewish Art that offers a summation of this psalm, encouraging the viewer to praise God. It is a visual representation of what it means to praise God according to this psalm.

The Psalm answers these questions: “Why should God be praised?”, “Where should He be praised?”, “How should God be praised?”, and “Who should praise Him?”. God should be praised because of His powerful deeds, everywhere from the heavens to the earth, with every instrument available to man, by everything that breathes.

My feeling of the Psalm 150

This painting depicts a woman praising God with a flute, while another plays a harp, and another praises with the cymbals. Another still offers praise with her breath. It is a reminder that we do not need the instruments described in the psalm to praise God but can do so in our unique way through our various talents.

In ancient times, Jews praised God with instruments such as the harp, flute, and cymbals, but today, we can offer up our lives, and everything we do as praise to God. We should therefore live our lives being mindful that God is never far from us, and we do not need special instruments to please Him.

We must instead offer up our lives as a sweet-smelling aroma. Praise Him with the Tambourine and dance is a reminder to praise God joyously, the way the Psalmist of old did as he penned this beautiful Psalm.

When looking at this painting, one should be mindful of their Jewish heritage, and look forward to praising God in new ways with joy in your heart.

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