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Meet my new painting of “Life Totem” series – Timberwolf

The wolf is one of the most prominent animals throughout the world. Everyone knows that it is strong, reliable, and loyal to its pack. That is one of the reasons you see paintings depicting wolves throughout successful business properties.
This painting focuses on the animalistic quality that you need to own a successful business. Whether you created it from the ground up or got it when a loved one passed, you now have the purpose of bringing it to fruition and keeping it there.

There is an ancient symbolism that the wolf depicts. The obvious attribute of this wolf is that it has a natural tendency to be a predator, so it is often associated with destruction and danger. However, that’s not what a successful business must focus on. Instead, it can also be seen as a warrior. With that, the wolf is also a symbol of spirit, loyalty, ritual, guardianship, and more.
With this painting hanging on your business wall, you convey the right message to the other employees and your customers.
It’s designed to be slightly fuzzy, and the painting makes you feel that this wolf is howling at the moon. In a way, it is offering its voice to the world to gain guidance and show others in the pack that it is ready for action.

You can actually see the ancient symbolism creeping out of the painting, which can be seen by everyone in the company and outsiders.

Just as the wolf is a creature of ritual and habit, so are you. When you find something that works, you stick with it. Plus, you want to convey that people can trust you and remain loyal to you. On top of it all, you’re a guardian for the customer’s needs and that of your employers.

With this painting in your office or the lobby, you’re sure to have a successful business.

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