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Meet my new painting of “Life Totem” series – The Eagle

Numerous cultures view the eagle as the king of all birds, and some still believe in the power of its spirit animal. The eagles commonly symbolize many things, including loyalty, freedom, truth, hope, fortune, and the divine.

In Feng Shui, the eagle is both a symbol of success and good luck. People use it to lead a fruitful professional life. However, the best way to exhibit the eagle to encourage a successful business is by placing a painting of it soaring with its wings spread near the workplace.

The Eagle is an original painting from my “Life Totem” series, which personifies eternity, cosmic rebirth, and majesty. It depicts a soaring eagle holding multiple symbols of good luck and fortune in its claws, including:

  • The Hand of Fatima. It’s a symbol of protection used to defend against the evil eye and encourage good luck. According to ancient symbolism, the evil eye curse is cast by a malevolent glare, causing misfortune, bad luck, and ill-health.
  • Four-Leaf Clover Flower. It’s associated with good fortune and luck. Celtic cultures used it to ward off misfortune and offer protection to the carrier.
  • The Key. It’s an old charm and one of the most important symbols of good luck. The key is associated with unlocking the heart’s door. Whoever presents the key is considered “lucky in love.”
  • Horseshoe. It symbolizes power over evil, fortune, fertility, and good luck.
  • Nine-Pointed Star. In the Ba’hai faith, it means unity and perfection. In the Bible, it represents the nine fruits of the spirit.
  • Jug with the Elixir of Life. It’s a potion that grants the drinker eternal youth and cures all diseases.
  • Red Thread of Fate. It originated from Chinese mythology. The red thread is considered an invisible cord that links destined lovers and never breaks.
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