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My first hand-painted NFT collections

The NFT industry is changing the face of modern art collecting. Artists from all backgrounds are releasing their work on digital marketplaces and crypto blockchains, bringing in a new wave of creativity and originality.
My latest project is a series of hand-painted artworks to be released as an NFT collection. Each token represents a fragment of one original painting, almost like pixels of the overall image. The work itself is detailed and layered, just like any creation I release. Splitting it into segments and sharing the NFTs individually is only to represent the interrupted view of artwork when altered too much to fit with digital trends. 

As an artist, I am excited by any type of innovation, but I believe that some NFT movements are losing the essential human touch that makes art personal. Of course, variety is a must – but at what cost? Programs such as Photoshop and 3D digital modeling apps are an art form in their own right, but they should not replace the need for natural materials and real, messy, complex artwork. 
Art should not be perfect. It represents human spirit, life, and energy: things that are never flawless. Erasing the human element by digitalizing and editing everything to fit into a certain box is not the way to progress modern artwork. Instead, combining media and materials to create something truly unique should be our focus as artists. 

I hope my hand-painted NFT collection represents this idea: that the physical and the digital need not be mutually exclusive. The NFT industry has the potential to empower artists and provide a global platform for their work: I only hope the culture of smoothed-out perfection and photo-shopped reality does not overshadow raw talent and creativity. 
Artists must evolve, but they should never lose the spirit of their work. I am excited to release this NFT collection and be a part of this modern movement while promoting the importance of the human touch. 

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