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Discovering the Unexpected in “My Palette” Series

For my latest collection in the “My Palette” series, I’ve also taken the small canvas pieces that have served as my painting palettes and transformed them into captivating artworks. The premise of this ongoing series is to breathe new life into the leftover materials from my creative process, turning what would typically be discarded into striking, one-of-a-kind paintings.

In this new set of five small works, I’ve continued to explore this concept, using the already layered and textured surfaces of my paint palettes as the starting point for each piece. From these humble beginnings, I’ve then painted bold, expressive figures that range from the whimsical to the profound.

This image is a part of My Palette series paintings of Elena Kotliarker

Dancing Duo

The first painting in this group, entitled “Dancing Duo”, features a playful couple engaged in a spirited dance. Against the richly textured backdrop, the figures move with a sense of energy and joy, their bodies intertwined in a graceful pas de deux. The gestural brushstrokes and vibrant colors bring a feeling of movement and celebration to the work.

This image is a part of My Palette series paintings of Elena Kotliarker

Capricorn Rising

Next, we have “Capricorn Rising”, which depicts the astrological sign of the goat in a striking, symbolic composition. The horned creature stands proud and steadfast, its gaze intense and unwavering. The thick, sculptural application of paint gives the surface a sense of depth and solidity, mirroring the steadfast nature of the Capricorn spirit.

This image is a part of My Palette series paintings of Elena Kotliarker

Rooster’s Refrain

The third painting, “Rooster’s Refrain”, showcases the bold and regal form of a rooster. With its flamboyant crest and vibrant plumage, the bird commands attention, its presence amplified by the dynamic interplay of colors and textures that fill the canvas. This work captures the proud, assertive energy of the rooster in a captivating visual statement.

This image is a part of My Palette series paintings of Elena Kotliarker

Turtle Tango

Moving on, “Turtle Tango” features a pair of turtles engaged in what appears to be a graceful dance. The two creatures are rendered with a sense of whimsy and lightheartedness, their movements suggesting a playful, almost human-like interaction. The rich, earthy tones and the layered, tactile surface create a sense of depth and dimension that draws the viewer in.

This image is a part of My Palette series paintings of Elena Kotliarker

Optical Illusion

“Optical Illusion” explores the concept of the “magic eye” in a visually striking composition. Geometric shapes and patterns collide, creating an optical effect that challenges the viewer’s perception. The bold, high-contrast colors and the thick, sculptural application of paint amplify the sense of visual dynamism, inviting the audience to engage with the work on a deeper level.

Through this new selection of paintings from the “My Palette” series, I aim to showcase the endless creative potential that can be found in the most unexpected of places. By repurposing my painting palettes, I’ve been able to discover a whole new world of artistic expression, where the discarded becomes the celebrated, and the mundane transforms into the extraordinary.

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