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Black and White Abstract Art Elena Kotliarker

Black and White Abstract Art: What You Need to Know

Black and white abstract paintings on canvas are statement pieces and always have been. They are a classic combination that can be used for almost all types of settings. Black and white abstract art are pieces that are bold, diverse, sophisticated, elegant, and timeless.

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The Style and Meaning Behind Black and White Abstract Prints

The monochromatic style of these paintings blends in very easily with walls as each one is unique. They can blend in or stand out; it really is up to you! The monochromatic artwork can complement other monochromatic spaces, or it can help to bring balance to a room full of color.

Now, what do these artworks represent? White & black represent a place of rest. It symbolizes the classic and simple things in life, which truly is timeless. They represent a seamless flow and sense of unity. Large black and white abstract art is a statement! The colors represent a strong sense of contrast, as they are complete opposites. When brought together, these colors balance one another out and find a breathtakingly beautiful medium. The beauty of this is taken even further when one throws in abstract designs; it takes you to a whole different dimension.

What is Abstract Art?

Abstract art, particularly black and white, seems to be becoming a trend; however, do people truly understand this masterpiece? Abstract art is a particular art form that has no set style, figure, or form. There are no rules! It is a form of expression that can be interpreted in whichever way you want to.

What Is Black and White Abstract Art?

Modern abstract art, black and white particularly, is a powerful and precise form of imagery meant to bring out emotions and connections with its’ audience. It takes the meaning of abstract art to an entirely different level with its’ creative designs and powerful contrasting colors. It is not merely two colors brought together; it is something that we associate ourselves with. This type of art has no specific definition as one can turn it into what they see fit. It can be dramatic and command attention, or it can be a more elegant form of art. That truly is where the beauty lies in this.

White and black abstract art can now be considered as a more modern and contemporary form of art, having evolved from its’ traditional style; however, it still draws inspiration from its’ earlier pieces.

Black and White Abstract Art for Living Room

We all want to own a piece of black and white abstract canvas art due to the aesthetic and emotion it brings out in us, but how can owning one or more of these pieces improve our living room? Your living room is something you always want to improve as it is the focal area of your home. This type of art is great for your living room because:

  • It adds character to your space – Each piece of art tells a story that brings your entire room together. This could be the finishing touch you need.
  • The art brings about a sense of coordination – Since black and white abstract prints can blend in with both monochromatic tones and color, it is a great way to help mix and match other pieces in your living room. It allows you to have a bit of fun!
  • Encourages creativity and experimentation – There are no boundaries with this art. Different shapes, sizes, and textures can all work together in perfect unison. 

A Few Great Additions to Your Living Room

If you are looking for a great piece to add to your living room, you may want to consider:

  • Fighting with Chaos – You are going to take your entire interior design skills to a new level with this piece.  
  • The Message – Angel Wings #9 – This piece is magical and is a source of light. It attracts positive attention and could be the focal point of your living room.


Black and white art abstract can be whatever you want it to be! It is something that speaks to you and brings life to your space. There are a more profound meaning and representation behind the art and color, something personal that you connect with. 

Have you found the story you want your home to tell? Head over to my shop to find the perfect new addition to your home! There is something unique for everyone.

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